May 2019: Heather Picard - Love Your Business, Grow Your Life | NAWBO

Heather Picard, Heather Picard - Business Coach, Cotati, CA

NAWBO SFBA is pleased this month to spotlight Heather Picard, a passionate business coach with 25 years of experience as a social entrepreneur and an abiding belief that small businesses can help change the world.

Heather began her search for a networking group three years ago, and after “kissing a few frogs” (more on frogs, later), she chose NAWBO after an extensive effort. She knew she was “at home” right away, and “likes the heart and soul of the North Bay Group – supportive and compassionate.”

Her path began by overcoming her own challenges in business as she co-owns and manages an award winning landscape company that is recognized as a leader in the permaculture movement, helping to reshape the practice of the industry and giving her seasoned experience in growing a successful values-based organization.

But the path wasn’t easy, and “the lesson is in the failure – so it is ok to fail.”

Her love is about supporting people and the joy of watching them transform – much as her mentor and business coach was able to do for her. After her own transformation, she knew she had a calling to do the same.

Heather can help take the mystery out of finance, helping you to develop a “money mindset” that overcomes limiting beliefs and negative programming unique to women. She can teach you to read the “control panel” of business and become adept at cash flow, budgeting, and managing debt…without studying accounting. You can learn through her 1:1 coaching, group programs, and cash flow workshops. Check out her 8 Steps to Master Your Cash Flow.

 As a visionary, her grander vision is to see more economic power in the hands of women, and notes that women are starting more businesses.

Mother knows best – her best advice came from her mom and formed a core belief, “You can do anything you want if you set your heart and mind to it.”

Her “ask” – if you have a friend or relative struggling with money issues, encourage them to sign up for her “Get Your Money Right” class. She teaches this in person or via ZOOM.

Back to the frogs? Build it, they will come.

Here’s an interesting fact: For the past 20 years, Heather and her family have lived in a shared community. Developed by 29 families, one of the projects was creating a pond. What followed was amazing - lush trees, birds, and…frogs arrived. They now call it Frogsong.

While the nest is now empty…she’s flying high with yoga, meditation and hiking as her hobbies.

To contact Heather, email her or visit her website here.