Member Spotlight for October: Antonia Van Becker - In the Present Moment | NAWBO

Antonia Van Becker - Self Health Institute 

After years of working in Silicon Valley, Antonia wanted to work in line with her passion. She co-founded Self Health Institute with her husband, Greg Lee, to assist spiritual entrepreneurs and business owners get out of procrastination, self-doubt and limiting beliefs - so they can move quickly toward health, wealth and happiness. For 25 years they have worked as Master Healers with hundreds of clients, teaching and certifying many students in energetic healing. Their passion and mission is to bring the ability to heal your mind, body and spirit from past adverse events and trauma into everyone's personal toolkit. They have pivoted to an online forum so they can reach more people worldwide.
When Antonia and her husband first started their healing work, they had a mentor who taught them the work, had them apprentice for her, and then had them teach her two-year certification course. During that time, they also started their own healing business. Since then they have had many mentors - including a speaking mentor, a business strategist mentor, and a healing mentor. They firmly believe that in order to break out in a different way than you have before, you must have a guide in order to do it faster and with more ease and grace.
Antonia  heard about NAWBO from a business associate and attended a few meetings. She found out about NAWBO's great work for women in business and wanted to be a part of the movement. She also found wonderful opportunities for speaking and networking that helped her launch her new Signature Talk and online course. She would love to help more women entrepreneurs and business owners to connect with their inner wisdom so they can be strong and powerful in their business and life.
What is the best advice she received?  Be Here Now. Don't regret the past or stress about the future. Being in the present moment allows you to make conscious decisions that are the best for you - when you listen to your inner guidance. Detaching from anxiety and stress allows you to enjoy life and love and business more fully so that you can then give yourself to your business with all your energy and know how!
Fun Facts:
  • Loves to sing, write songs and novels, and garden at her home at Hummingbird Farm in Northern CA.
  • Animals and nature soothe her soul.
  • Her grown kids and grandson help her appreciate time passing, the preciousness of every moment, and how cool it is that the sky is blue and that golden eagles fly in her backyard. 
  • Perennial favorites are Zuni Cafe on Market or Fringale (French Basque Bistro) South of Market.  However, we REALLY love to pick beans, squash and tomatoes from the garden and sit on the back deck and barbeque while sipping a glass of good red wine!
To contact Antonia, please   email her or call her at 415-662-2559.