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Kelly Chamberlin - The World Awaits

Chamberlin Public Relations

Kelly is the owner of Chamberlin Public Relations,  specializing in promoting hotels and travel destinations. She started her company in 2004 and will be celebrating 16 years in January! She has always loved to travel - meeting new people, learning about other cultures, expanding her world - and wanted to inspire others to do so. It's exciting (and really fun) to promote wonderful places to visit. Being in hospitality PR has allowed her to meet interesting travel writers from all over the world who share a like-minded passion.

When starting her business, she was fairly new into her PR career. With lots of questions, she made a list of her top 10 and reached out for advice from colleagues in the industry who were running successful public relations agencies. This was extremely helpful as she was launching her agency as she gathered multiple approaches and best practices that could apply to her business. To this day, her friend Tessa is still an invaluable resource, an excellent marketer with many skills. Tessa was not only Kelly's mentor, but her main supporter as she was getting started.

Kelly joined NAWBO for all the good reasons, but mainly because she is a strong believer in supporting women business owners. NAWBO's mission is aligned with her professional mission, particularly propelling women entrepreneurs into power. NAWBO has an excellent reputation and she really wanted to be part of a high-profile national organization that provides her with the opportunity to expand her network and meet like-minded women all around the nation. In fact, that's what embued her to take a leadership role for the Chapter.

Kelly sees NAWBO as a terrific resource to give and receive business referrals. Her intention in 2020 is to expand her client base internationally. She is looking to work with hotels outside of the US that are seeking to increase their US visitor base. If anyone knows of a great hotel in a gorgeous locale that is in need of attracting more US guests, please give her a call. She would also like to grow her network of complementary marketing professionals to potentially partner on new business.

What is the best advice she received? Trust your intuition - it is always right.

Fun Facts:

  • Loves yoga, cooking, traveling, reading, listening to music and podcasts, and she can't get enough of playing with her 8-month-old nephew, Xavier.
  • Friends say she knows all the great places to eat in San Francisco. She loves to check out the top spots and to go to new places. One of her tried-and-true favorites is Nopa - the food is consistently so fresh and delicious.
  • Loves pizza (it's definitely her desert island food) and her favorite place is Pizzeria Delfina. She can't get enough of their broccoli raab white pizza.

To contact Kelly, please email her or call her at 415-336-4332.