Rebecca Williams, Marketing|Brand Communications | NAWBO

Rebecca Williams, Marketing|Brand Communications

If you want to communicate a clear message so your business stands out, Rebecca can help you. About four years ago, Rebecca started her marketing and brand communications company and works one-on-one with business owners and small companies to help clearly articulate their brand and messaging. She also leads corporate workshops about messaging and storytelling. Her business is on an upward trajectory and her clients vary from a medical logistics company to a video producer for small businesses.

Rebecca was a communications educator for 18 years and taught all around the world. Among her many experiences: teaching English in Japan for four years through the Japanese Exchange Teacher Program; receiving a teaching certificate in Spain; and spending two years teaching in Australia.

A relatively new member in NAWBO, Rebecca got involved right away. She and Emily Wirowek are co-coordinators for the newly relaunched NAWBO Connects San Francisco. Rebecca was looking for a dynamic community of women business owners and felt that NAWBO was the right fit with the network and reach she desired. Members can support Rebecca with referrals. Her ideal client is a small company that’s been in business for a while and needs help with messaging. She loves helping businesses get clear on what they do and how they talk about it.

The best advice Rebecca ever received…dig one hole and dig it deep, which is the title of her recent blog. Don’t try to do a million different things: Focus on one thing and do it really well.

Fun Facts:

  • When not working, Rebecca loves to hike the Tennessee Valley Trail in Marin.
  • A fine arts student, she loves to write comedy for the stage and perform independent theatre with friends.
  • No surprise, Rebecca loves to travel.
  • She enjoys dining at Nopa and loves the authentic Japanese food at Takara

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