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I recently added a new book to my nightstand "to read" pile: A Year of Saying Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Shonda Rimes committed to saying Yes for one full year. "First came the terrifying public Yeses - delivering the commencement at Dartmouth...then came the excruciating private Yeses - reevaluating her health and confronting the damaging relationships in her life."

Saying Yes allowed her to "explore, empower, applaud and love her truest self." It allowed her to take advantage of a larger world of possibilities.

Joining NAWBO was an example of saying Yes for many of us. We curiously circled the community. At some point, we dove in and joined the organization.

For many, their NAWBO Yes ended when they filled out the application. For others, they said yes again and attended professional development meetings and connected with the women in our organization. Some have gone onto to leadership.

Consistently, the women who have the best experience with NAWBO are those who say Yes to greater involvement. They say serve on a committees or step into a leadership role. They say the extra step deepens their connection to the community, expands their network and helps them find support to grow their businesses and themselves.

I invite you to say Yes again to the NAWBO community.

Here's a simple way to get started: September is the first half of the fall membership drive. Bring a colleague or a friend to a PDF. Encourage them to join. The NAWBO SFBA  member who brings in the most new members by the end of October will win a $100 Visa gift card.

When you're ready for more, email me at so we can discuss what works best for you. We have needs throughout the organization.

What's holding you back?

In growth,