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San Francisco Bay Area Newsletter

Thank you to all of the women who have stepped up to leadership within the NAWBO-SFBA community over the last two years. Because of volunteers and servant leaders the San Francisco Bay Area Women Business Owners community has become more connected over the last two years. Thank you to Shannon Presson, Deb Doyle, Nasi Raissian, Patricia Allen, Laura Russell-Jones, Lisa Hannah, Elizabeth Bachman, Ranjani Mohana, Sachiko Danish, Sydni Craig-Hart, Melissa Phan, Judy Terry, May Pon, Elaine Thompson-Perez, Tina Greenbaum, Kathleen Mulligan, Sarah Healy, Katie Fredricksen, Laura Renner, Diane Camacho, Cindy Elwell, Carolyn Pistone, Betty Lee, Lisa Pepper-Satkin, MaryAnn Wetzork, Kiron Dhaliwal, and Maile Collmer. I know there have been many other women and men who have supported these amazing women so thank you to all of you as well.

I look forward to the continued growth of the chapter. Our new President Deb Doyle has a strong vision of helping each one of you scale your business and I am excited to support her in this next phase of growth for the chapter and all of you, women business owners!

I am here to support each and every one of you achieve your personal and professional goals. Please let me know how I may help and who you might be looking to connect with. I know from experience as the President that when we connect we make sure that our local community and economy are prosperous.

It has been a privilege and an honor to represent you all and the more than 140,000 women business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you for the opportunity.

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