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Meet NAWBO Southern Nevada Member Lisa Chastain of Millenial Consulting, LLC

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Lisa Chastain
Millennial Consulting, LLC
Owner & CEO
Consulting and Coaching for Millennials

Lisa Chastain has been coaching and mentoring millennial men and women for 15 years.  In 2014 she decided to become a financial advisor, and as she began to grow in the business she realized there was a big gap in what the financial services industry is offering our younger generation.  In Septemeber 2016 she decided to take my talents, wisdom and knowledge and combine it into a coaching and mentoring company that works with millennials to teach them how to manage their personal finances, careers and life so that they have the maximum opportunity to have lives that are purposeful and productive. 

She has a small business that is growing rapidly.  The biggest current challenge she has is running all aspects of the operation. She is steadily adding support but that takes time. But she is very impatient and wants to scale quickly so that she can serve as many clients as possible.


--In her business:  As a brand new business she is on track to generate $100K gross profit in her first year!  She is grateful and overwhelmed by the response, and Lisa knows she is onto something big.  Not only is her business profitable, but is working with amazing clients who are transforming their lives.  She has created a 6-month mentorship program – SISTER Mentorship that is designed for the women to work together for 6 months.  She is inspired daily by the risks they are taking!

--In her personal life:  To date her biggest achievement is being married for 12 years and having a beautiful 9-year-old son.  Some days it’s amazing how Lisa and her husband keep it all together with family, soccer and two businesses but they’re making it happen and she is proud of the life they’re creating.

Family and Personal Interests/Activities:  Lisa and her husband and were both born and raised in Las Vegas.  Her siblings and parents live here still too.  She has four nephews who are very close in age and when thy’re not on the soccer field supporting her son, they are spending quality time with close friends and family.  They keep things pretty simple and enjoy spending time close to home in Southern Highlands.

On her desk:  Right now Lisa got receipts that she needs to scan for my CPA (LOL).  In addition to that she is surrounded by loving sentimental gifts from clients and friends.

Resources she uses in business:  Lisa is a big fan of technology!  She primarily markets on Facebook, and loves anything that integrates.  Squarespace hosts her website, and her favorite calendar hack is – it schedules everything for her, and clients can access it to schedule as well.  It’s a lifesaver!

Books she has read recently:   Just finished Robyn Crane’s new book, Make More Money, Help More People.  And she is just diving into Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth.  She always keep a Brene Brown and Maya Angelou book by her nightstand for evening inspiration, and more than reading she is obsessed with Tim Ferris’s Podcast right now.

How we can our membership reach Lisa and get to know more about her: She loves Facebook live, please friend her and see her there!

You can also visit her on her website at

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