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NAWBO Southern Nevada Member Spotlight - Katia Di Egidio

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Name: Katia Di Egidio
Company Name: AitaK Solution LLC -
Business and Marketing Strategist, Author and Founder

I am a multi-talented business woman with over 20 years of experience in coaching and consulting services for business and process improvement. I bring expertise in different areas such as financial and business strategy, business development, sales, and marketing, reporting analysis and budgeting, customer care and after-sales support. I developed a strong understanding of various markets throughout North America and Europe. I consider my self an open-minded collaborative person, with observing and analysis skills that are unique.

Currently, I am the owner and founder of a private consulting firm, AitaK Solutions, founded in 2016 after being the General Manager for 20+ years at SMES, specialized in hard surfaces from Italy and Greece, and strategy and process improvement for any size corporation.

Specialising in service-based industries from start-ups to publicly traded companies my out-of-the-box mindset, positive personality, passion, and team building skills give every business owner a leading edge in managing change and reaching their goals. If you are looking for a plan to change your business in the different areas, you found the person that can help you build the puzzle with all the components, finding peace of mind and direction.

I recently published my first book, "The essence of your business is YOU", inspiring business owners to find an identity and grow their business with strategic and marketing tips that are life and business transformational.

1. How long have you been in business:

I have been in business for over 20 years, even if AitaK Solution is my last “born” in March 2016.
I recently moved to the United States and when my dad passed away had to close my Italian consulting firm.

I entered the NAWBO this year, 2017. Being part of this amazing group is inspiring and giving me great contacts in the community.

2. How did you get into your business:

I started my career as a co-owner of the family business that my dad asked me to lead when I was still completing my Master's Degree in Economy and Commerce. I worked as an IT Consultant for 7 years as a contractor, while managing my family business, and then dedicated myself to hard surfaces and collaborating with architects and developers. Before moving to the United States, I was involved with an Italian-Swiss startup that created revolutionary commuting vehicles but left to move here and start something new.  

3. What is one of your biggest challenges running your business:

One of the reasons I am in business is to help others thrive in their business and life. The passion and drive sometimes make me forget to put some boundaries and I become deeply involved in the scope of the engagement.

I love what I do and the growth is making me face the aspect of scale… that is something I analyze and master with my customers… will I be able to do at best for myself? A great challenge to have in the near future.

4. Tell us about a big achievement:

--In your business - After a contract for two years with a local company for internal consulting, I finally decided to get out there and restart my independent business. It was a big step with the move to the United States and having to figure out all the Ins and Outs of a different country. The difficult part is the decision to do something so new, everything that comes after that step is worth all the struggles and challenges.

--In your personal life - I always loved motorcycles, but my parents were not on the same page when I was 16. After finding my way in the world, I finally was able to achieve my dream to become a motorcycle rider and racer. It is an experience that taught me a lot about myself and who I am and want to become.

5. Tell us about your family and personal interests/activities:

I was born and raised in Italy and spent some time in Africa. My family has always traveled around the globe and gave me the opportunity to discover and meet people in different countries.

I am in a relationship, but I have never been married… probably married to my love for business and helping others!

In my free time, I like reading and going to the movies.

My biggest passion is riding and racing motorcycles, but I have that on the side to concentrate on my career here in the United States.

6. What is on your desk:

On my desk, that can be at home, in my consulting office or at my warehouse… I float between different locations!... there is always my journal with my colorful pens to be sure to highlight all that is going on in my day… and my laptop. I am a firm supporter of technology and without my computer, I would be lost.

7. What resources do you use in business:

I love technology so I use a lot of resources in the cloud to be able to access everything from everywhere and from any device! ...but at the same time, I cannot live without my journal… old style pen and paper.

I use an online CRM HubSpot for all my contacts so I can keep track of the conversation and progress of my projects. It comes with an online scheduler that helps me track my days and weeks.

Social Media is where I have a lot of contacts from all over the world, so I am present on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Alignable.

8. What books have you read recently:

I like reading books for the mind and that help me self-improve and think about life and purpose. I like feeding my mind with ideas and techniques. I just finished “The 5-second rule” by Mel Robinson and I cannot stop reading “The Rhythm of Life” by Matthew Kelly.



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