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NAWBO Southern Nevada Member Spotlight - Reeta Thukral, M.D.

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Name: Reeta Thukral, M.D.

Company Name, Title and Description of Business: Global Charity Foundation, 501 (c) (3), a non-profit organization providing healthcare and education to those in need locally and globally.

1) How long have you been in business:  February 2007

2) How did you get into your business:  

I am a physician- a business of helping people, practiced for 34 years.

During my practice years, I simultaneously founded a non-profit organization in India and US with mission of providing healthcare and education to those in need.

I wanted to give the opportunities that I had received both in my country India, and adopted country US to at-risk children and women to improve their lives and brighten their future. I also grew up in a highly educated and giving family. My parents and grandparents never turned anybody away in need!

3) What is one of your biggest challenges running your business: 

Promoting the cause – Educating our at-risk youth in Greater Las Vegas. To get people engaged in this very important cause and realization of perpetual benefits of educating our youth.

4) Tell us about a big achievement:

--In your business:

Great professional success as a physician and a leader in medical profession. Awarded Fellowship by American College of Physicians and American Society of Nephrology.

Education program by GCF, for last four (4) years here in the valley and seeing significant improvement in academic performance of our students.

Being honored by C4Success organization as a community leader.

--In your personal life:

I was honored as a community leader by Corner4Success charitable foundation

Member of Clark County Medical Society Alliance. On the committee to increase awareness about opioid addiction - the epidemic across the country.

Charter member of Spring Mountains Rotary Club, Las Vegas.

Member of NAWBO for last 8 months. Plan to get more involved and learn how to be productive for this great organization.

Fellow American College of Physicians and American Society of Nephrology.

Many leadership roles during my professional carrier in US, New Zealand and India.

I was appointed on June 27, 2017, by the Universal Peace Federation as an Ambassador of Peace - recognizing the work I have been doing here and in India for many years. 

Ambassadors for Peace:

 Launched in 2001, Ambassadors for Peace® is the largest and most diverse network of peace leaders. They come from all walks of life representing many races, religions, nationalities, and cultures, and commit to:

  • Stand on the common ground of universal moral principles, promoting reconciliation, overcoming barriers, and building peace.
  • Form a global network representing the diversity of the human family and all disciplines of endeavor.
  • Promote cooperation beyond boundaries of religion, race, ethnicity, and nationality.
  • Practice “living for the sake of others” as the guiding principle for building a global community.

5) Tell us about your family and personal interests/activities:

I have two beautiful daughters. Both are highly educated and successful. They have made me proud beyond words. One of them is married and gave me a beautiful and precious granddaughter. We love hiking, travelling and spending time with each other.

6) What is on your desk:

The roller deck of my old and new contacts. Grant proposals from various schools in the valley. The progress report on our students. The health report on our children with cancer – program in India.

7) What resources do you use in business:

 Aggressive networking in the valley.

Joining successful organizations to build contacts and promote    GCF’s mission. One of them being joining NAWBO. At NAWBO I have met wonderful, successful women with high energy and ambitions.

Building contacts with business owners and corporations.

8) What books have you read recently:

How successful people think by John C. Maxwell – New York times, best seller. Thinking better and feeling better by Phil Shuart, Dream land by Sam Quinones – The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic.

Learn more about Dr. Thukral  in the following article in Forbes Magazine:

Reeta K. Thukral, M.D., FACP, FASN

Founder / CEO

Global Charity Foundation

10120 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 4613

Las Vegas, NV 89147


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