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NAWBO Southern Nevada Member Spotlight - Kri Edholm

leadership excursion

Name: Kri Edholm


Company Name, Title and Description of Business: Leadership Excursion Co., Owner, Leadership Development


1)How long have you been in business:

2 ½ years


2) How did you get into your business: 

I worked in the technology industry for two decades and served as a search and rescue volunteer for 15 years. I witnessed the importance of effective leadership in both professions and learned that leadership can either make or break a business or mission. After building out leadership and mentorship programs for the organizations I worked for, I felt that I could be more effective by breaking out on my own. Launching my own business has been the most difficult, but rewarding thing I’ve ever done for myself. 


3) What is one of your biggest challenges running your business: 

Our perspective about leadership development breaks the normal approach to personal and team growth. We place our clients in uncomfortable environments on purpose, which means that we ask our clients to be vulnerable and although we’re there for support, they’re ultimately learning about growth on their own. This is a unique approach and is not an easy space for anyone to be in, which makes sales a little more challenging than normal.

For example, when we tell people that we teach clients how to be better leaders by working with horses, their response is normally… “huh?”


4) Tell us about a big achievement:

--In your business: I have brought an unconventional leadership training program to market, created and hosted our first annual womens retreat in support of the betterment of women, and launched the Leadership Looks Like Podcast – all within our first 2 years of being in business.

--In your personal life: I spent a lot of years working extremely hard to build other peoples dreams. I have no regrets because those experiences make up who I am today. I feel so grateful to be dedicating all of my time to building my own dreams now. Its my biggest and best achievement to date.


5) Tell us about your family and personal interests/activities:

I went on a solo backpacking trip through Europe in my early 20s and it left an unshakable impact on me. I now travel both domestically and internationally as often as possible. In December of 2016, I climbed on a helicopter and married the love of my life and biggest supporter, Carly, on a mountaintop in New Zealand. We are fortunate to have both of our families here in Las Vegas and spend as much time with them as possible.


6) What is on your desk

Today my desk is a disaster. Laptop, monitor, camera, microphones, business cards, receipts, nothing is organized. How embarrassing! Excuse me while I clean up this mess..


7) What resources do you use in business:

Other business owners, former colleagues, friends, and family. I reach out when I need help, which I havent always been good about doing.


8) What books have you read recently:

Fearless by Eric Blehm, Extreme Ownership by Jocko Wilink & Leif Babin, and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. Highly recommend all of them.



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